Young and Dangerous in Macau

After re-watching my favourite Hong Kong movie series Young and Dangerous, I’m reminded about my past adventures with my family to Hong Kong and Macau. Macau is a self-styled Las Vegas of the east. The journey is about 60-75 minutes from Hong Kong to Macau depending on sea conditions and type of boat used. It is all about the Vegas-style mega casinos and hotels. The reason is that casinos are legal in Macau while in China, Hong Kong and most Asian countries, they’re not. It’s a huge market and popular destination amongst tourists, especially gamblers. As you can see from my pictures, Macau isn’t fully developed when I was there in 2007 so I hope to re-visit the beautiful city soon and take new pictures of the city. It’s great to have family living in Hong Kong to show you around and have a local’s perspective on the city as well as someone who knows the language.

Aside from the casinos, there is much more to see and do. The Portuguese influence is everywhere like the food, baroque churches, cobbled stone streets, buildings, parks, gardens and the culture. Check out the Mock Roman ruins, St. Paul Church ruins, Largo do Senado, Fisherman’s Wharf Theme Park, Monte Fort Museum and the Tang Dynasty Fortress. Shop near the live Senado Square and indulge on their great street food. If you have some time, stop by the Lou Lim Ieoc Garden to relax your feet after burning out your wallets.

Well I’m due for another visit to Macau so I hope to visit the beautiful city again this summer when I return to Asia.

Leave a comment below if you guys are making a visit to Hong Kong this summer. We can share vacation tips and possibly meet up =)

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