Happy Friday everyone! I apologize to everyone for being dormant for almost two weeks but I promise you it is all due to my next fun, creative post I’ve been working with Brian and our busy lives intertwining making it impossible to finish on time.

Today, I am playing with blue. Denim chambray shirt, blue classic day bag and lots of blue blooms. You’ve probably been wondering why I’ve been covering my face with these beautiful blooms lately. I was inspired by Mansur Gavriel’s Instagram and thought it was very cleaver and creative to advertise their hot item handbags (which are impossible to get now!). Also, it made it much easier for Brian and I to edit the photos since my face is covered. Did ya’ll enjoy it? I surely did and probably made tons of people on the street wondering why I was covering my face the entire time. It was short, sweet and fun – and I plan to continue this “face covering” series in many creative ways as possible.

Club Monaco Rylie shirt / Front Row Shop printed skirt / Balenciaga bag (like here) / Manolo Blahnik heels

Get the look:

Photos by Brian Ngo

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