Spellbound by Dubai’s butterfly garden

I stumbled upon this neighbourhood gem, Dubai’s Butterfly Garden, after discovering the closure of the Dubai Miracle Garden.  This beauty was actually next to the garden so you won’t be able to miss it when you are in the area.  My friends and I were really happy over everything that did not go well as planned that day because the spontaneous plan B turned out so much better than what we had expected.  Earlier that day, we woke up at 5am to go chase the hot air balloon launch in the outskirts of Dubai but learned that they were closed for the day when we arrived so we took sunrise photos in the sand dunes of their launching location.  In the end, it all worked out so well and so grateful to have these experiences of a lifetime that we take for granted.

I highly recommend the enchanting butterfly garden to everyone for many reasons.  The butterflies were very friendly and interactive with the people.  The beautiful fluttery creatures are shy but they will become attached to you once they can sense that you are not there to endanger them.  I’ve also conquered my fear of these pretty flying creatures thanks to the wonderful staff who pretty much forced these beauties to sit on my hand, arm and dress.  The best way to overcome this fear is to close your eyes and let them settle the butterfly on you.  You won’t feel them on you so don’t peek!!

The garden is so majestic!  It consisted four separate domes (not nine, as per their website) that is all connected in a sequence they tell you to take during your visit.  It is worth every Dirham.  The admission to get in was 55 Dirham, which is equivalent to $20 CAD / $17 USD.  The garden’s website says it is home to over 15,000 butterflies but I don’t see it.  I visited all four domes and I did not see as many butterflies as advertised on their website or social platforms.  I probably saw about 100 butterflies that day… so where is the rest of the 14,900?  Outside of the main attraction, it looked a little outdated with discoloured umbrellas and discoloured furniture.  My photos does not depict that as I have edited the colours to make them brighter and more vibrant than the reality of the garden.  Overall, I still recommend this garden as I have had a wonderful experience nonetheless.

Photography by Brian Ngo

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