Pure White

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

This past summer, I had a lot of fun collaborating with MGMW. It certainly took some time to warm her up in front of the camera and make her feel comfortable. How do you get someone who is not comfortable in front of the camera to feel confident smiling and feel natural posing?

I gave her a ton of direction to what I would do in her outfit and how I would utilize my arms, legs and the surroundings to my advantage to make it seem more natural in photos. She was almost there. She is so cute and so pure. Mmmm new blood (hehe).

I love directing. I wish I had someone directing me most times when I'm being photographed because there are times when I am not looking the best at my worst angles or when my wardrobe is malfunctioning. Sometimes, Brian misses

these kinds of things with me and I wish he pays more attention to them when he is photographing me. But he's a guy... what can I say.. haha! MGMW and I enjoy collaborating with each other and we get excited after our photoshoot is over when it is ready to edit. It is always so rewarding when everything goes according to plan and our vision is complete and exceeds our expectations.

I hope you guys will enjoy this little editorial we did together as much as we did. I can't help but think that we look a little crazy in all white coming from a mental institution seeking each other for a little sanity (haha!).

Both wearing Urban Outfitters dresses, Adidas sneakers

Photography by Brian Ngo

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