My Favourites – May 2013 Edition

This is my very first edition of my Top 10 favourites of the month. I picked and planned, sniffed and touched my way through hundreds of items and determined the following 10 items to be my favourites for this month of May.

Red, brown, blonde and pink ombre – I see it everywhere I go. The dip-dye hair trend isn’t fading out just yet, celebrities are still loving the faded locks. Make your ombre hair stand out to absolute perfection with romantic curls or bohemian waves to emphasize your lovely dip-dye hair. Also, to top up the look, achieve a mirror-shine finish with slick of hair oil or serum like those perfect tresses of your fave celeb. Getting the look can be very costly from $200-300 depending on the salon and colourist’s level of expertise. Luckily, L’Oreal has made it affordable for those who can’t afford it. I haven’t tried this ombre kit before because I don’t trust myself doing my own hair, hence I see an expert to achieve the look I want. But if you have, please let me know your thoughts and opinions on it.

It’s hard to see the brown ombre I have right now with my hair but it is much more noticeable in person. But here’s a photo of what it looks like. It looks more copper in this photo but it isn’t like that in person.

I am in love with this new floral fragrance Florabotanica by Balenciaga. The scent is very fresh and pleasant and can be worn at any time of the day. It isn’t too strong or musky. My boyfriend loves it on me as well. I won’t leave the house without spritzing it onto my wrists and behind my ears to start my day. What’s even better is that Kristen Stewart is the face for this beautiful fragrance. I’m a Kristen Stewart fan, are you?

I love false lashes and these Model 21 lashes never disappoint. The ones I’m using now are No. 42 for a more natural look. I’ve had lash extensions last year and it was brutal. I took really good care of the lash extensions that it lasted for 4 weeks with very little lashes falling out. It was very high maintenance and annoying because you’d always get that one stubborn lash bending downwards poking your eye. Anyways, these Model 21 false lashes can be found on eBay or Asian beauty stores for $10 each. However, I stock up every time I go to Asia myself because it is like $1 for each sheet/box.

My favourite detox program, the Wild Rose 12-Day Program formulated by Dr. Terry Willard, PhD, Clinical Herbalist. It is a cleansing program that follows a healthy meal plan to help maintain a healthy balance of assimilation and elimination of toxins and wastes. I do it to break bad eating habits and changing my major health aggravation which is irritable bowel syndrome. I’ve successfully completed this intense 12-day program last year and it left me with positive results such as healthier clear skin, feeling of well-being, and weight-loss. I think I lost about 2-3 lbs by the end of the program. This is a lot better than drinking those Chinese herbal detox/diet teas. Those teas gave my body a terrible feeling all day.

In this diet plan, you are to take 2 tablets from each bottle and 40 drops of the CL Extract with both breakfast and supper. This program will make you very laxative so prepare yourself for this if you decide to take it. As for meals, you are only allowed to eat what is recommended on the program’s diet. If the food is not listed on the chart, you cannot eat it!

I heart coral blush colours and CK One Colour Cream + Powder Blush Duo in 700 Happiness is now my new everyday spring colour. It gives my cheeks a natural flush of colour and a beautiful contour. For the cream application, use a sponge or fingers to gently dab cream blush onto your cheeks and blend. And for the powder, use a blush brush to smooth on and blend directly onto your cheeks. You could wear it alone or as a duo for a more contoured look. Have fun with it =)

I searched and tested long and hard for the right UV protection and finally found it – SK-II Facial Treatment UV Protection. It contains SPF 25 to help prevent premature aging and protect your skin from daily exposure to UV rays. It is moisturizing, fresh and very light on the skin. I also use it underneath my liquid foundation as a primer. It is colour-free and has a very light, beautiful fragrant. This is a must-have item for all year round – spring, summer, fall, and winter! Tip: Use UV protection underneath your makeup to appear whiter in photos.

A gift to myself, the Prada Saffiano. A work-ready hold-all tote for your files, your iPad or tablet, and a handbag for everything else. Great for bloggers like myself to carry my iPad and other necessities like your cellphone, wallet, keys, and your touch-up makeup for a day out.

I am a loyal Dior user so I decided to take this Dior Capture Totale Serum for a spin since I needed a serum for my daily regime anyways. I am very happy to say that it does justice to your face. Only one pump covers your entire face. Use it before you apply your evening moisturizer. It truly activates your moisturizer’s ingredients, eliminates toxins build up during the day and pushes back the limits of anti-ageing. Day after day, my skin feels more smoother, firmer and more radiant. I truly love this serum because for the first time ever, my skin feels great and still looks fresh after a 24-hour flight from Asia. Also, it is one of Oprah Winfrey’s favourites of the year!

The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Mini External Battery (here) for iPhone and iPod is super convenient and portable. I am on Instagram, Facebook, Blogger, Whatsapp, and E-mail all day so I am required to charge my phone at least 3 times a day. Yes, 3 times!!! That’s insane but sadly true. So this little powerstation I got as a gift from my gege (aka older brother) is a lifesaver. I absolutely love it, thank you gege!

I have very fine straight hair and it tends to be very stubborn when it comes down to curling it or waving it. This is my second Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron (here) and it gives the best curls. I am currently using the 2” inch barrel for looser curls and waves. The instant heat is very consistent so you won’t have to take long breaks in between curls. My curls stay intact without hairspray and it is such a great value too! I am in love with the bohemian waves look. Especially having brown ombre hair, I am more motivated to curl my hair. Tip: Folica usually have their promotional sales events so I suggest waiting for those sales before purchasing, especially if you’re living in Canada because the fixed shipping costs $20 no matter how much you buy so stock up as much as you can on one order.

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