Girls on Film blazer & trousers : Thanks to Little Mistress / Club Monaco crop top / Manolo Blahnik heels

Happy Monday everyone! Has anyone seen the Grammy’s last night? What did you think? If you haven’t noticed already… black seems to be the going colour, or should I say shade. There were a lot of blacks and very few celebs wearing the extreme. But, Joy Villa definitely wore that crown loud and proud in her orange fence-like gown that bared nothing to our imagination. And if you didn’t know who she was (I didn’t know who she was either and still don’t know who or what she was doing there), well.. she made sure you knew who she was now.

Aside from the boring evening at the Grammy’s, I want to share with you this head-to-toe large check suit that my friend refers to as the pajama outfit. Usually, I don’t sport the matching top and bottom look but I thought it looks really cool and avant garde in a tamed sense if you know what I mean.

Photos by Brian Ngo

This post is brought to you by Red Light PR & Little Mistress.

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