Hello everyone, I know everyone is excited about Halloween and deciding what they’re going to be this year and how to put it together. I will be posting up several costume ideas to inspire and aid with your plans for Halloween. Today’s Halloween look is the gothic Lolita doll that was wonderfully executed by Salon Eskada‘s hair technician Ammanda-Beth Milburn and aesthetician Cathy and photographer Precious LaPlante. Thank you to everyone at Salon Eskada and Precious LaPlante for the wonderful experience! This will forever be in my memory.

The entire process started from 6am till the evening. My hair was colour with a chocolate base and three section caramel-honey peek-a-boo highlights. My hair was curled with a 1″inch barrel curling wand for tight small curls. Then she structured my hair with a triangular cardboard to create triangle shape along with same coloured extensions to keep the cardboard hidden. So as you can see, my head was mostly tilted to one side in most of my photos to keep its shape and position from malfunction and dislocation.

Apply white foundation (you can use M.A.C. white foundation) all over face (including your lips and brows), neck and collar. In a circular motion, apply a very rosy pink blush on the front apples of your cheeks. Line the upper lids and water lines with black eyeliner, then apply dramatic lashes to top and bottom lash lines. Colour in your brows with a dark drown pencil or powder. Colour in a heart-like shape with rosy pink colour onto your lips; you may want to use a brush for this step for application control. Finally, put on black circle lens for wider and bigger pupils.

For my outfit, luckily I had a black doll-like lace dress in my closet so it was perfect for this shoot. So any all-black dress will suffice for this look. Voila, you’re a gothic Lolita doll!

Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading.

Happy Halloween!

Stay Fabulous!

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