Hong Kong Babel

I am definitely due for another trip to Hong Kong to visit my cousins and update my pictures of Hong Kong. I didn’t take very much photos of Hong Kong the last time I was there and I regret it so much till this day. At first sight, the city can be overwhelming because of the busy streets, loud chatters, bright neon lights and signage everywhere you turn, the small streets and alleys, and the garbage-like smell of Hong Kong’s favourite smelly-tofu dish. It will feel like you’re in a much larger version of Chinatown. The transit system is accessible everywhere you go, I loved the double decker buses and their rocket. Food was not disappointing at all, I look forward to the street food every time I stepped out especially at the night markets. I loved how equipped the 7eleven places are, they had a variety of cup noodles, beverages, and junk food. The weather in Hong Kong is hot all year round so pack lots of UV protection, sunnies, hat, comfortable footwear, and light weight clothing.

While I was there, I was able to visit the great Victoria Peak where I rode the tram to the top for an unbeatable view of the city. Then I went shopping around the Stanley Market, Ladies’ Market, and the 10-level shopping malls. The Ladies’ Market was always very crowded with locals and tourists. They sold many counterfeited items like counterfeit designer bags, jeans, shoes, belts, sunglasses, etc. They had everything you could think of counterfeited, you name it and they got it. I did not bother looking through any of those items as I respect the designs and workmanship of the designer items. It doesn’t feel the same when you’re wearing a fake bag oppose to a real designer bag.

Other fun things to do which I did not get the chance to go are: Ocean Park, Disneyland, Wetland Park, Avenue of Star, Repulse Bay, and Aberdeen Fishing Village. Visit Kowloon’s markets for fashion for less and other goods for less or Causeway Bay for all of your designer wants. I will update a post on Hong Kong after my visit to Hong Kong this year, so stay tune for that post this fall.

Hotels in Hong Kong are very small, this room accomodates 4 people. Yes, that’s right. Those are bunk beds. My poor parents had to sleep in separate beds for the first time and that’s my brother trying to dodge from the camera.

My cousin’s son is so adorable, he reminds me of a duckling haha

Ladies’ Market

Stanley Market

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