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Believe or not, I do wear eyeglasses and I’m near sighted as well. Last month, I received the perfect gift for my new prescription. It was about time I updated my Burberry frames for these new Firmoo specs. I normally don’t like shopping for eyeglasses or sunglasses online because I feel that it is something very difficult to do online especially when not every frame will compliment your face. I bet everyone could agree with me when I say that it isn’t easy shopping for sunnies and eyeglasses online when you can’t try them on. Not every frame looks great with my face shape and my small Asian nose. On the other hand, Firmoo’s website was very user friendly and extremely informative. You could upload your own photo onto their website and try on all sunnies and eyeglasses of various shapes and sizes by adding the pair to your photo. It certainly helped me a lot! As well, customer service was tremendously helpful in delivering them to me right before I left for Asia. After a couple of hours of contemplating, I finally chose these retro-styled frames. I quite like the new specs, especially the built-in nose pads which adds extra comfort to the fit.

I feel that you have to really know and understand your face shape to be comfortable with shopping for eyewear online. Do you guys feel the same about shopping for sunnies or eyeglasses online?

Now I returned to my reality and back hermit mode for school. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful week y’all.

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