Funnel Cakes at Wonderland

It’s been a while since I visited Canada’s Wonderland and it’s good to say that nothing much has changed. Note to self, do not go on a weekend. Expect a half hour to an hour wait for every rollercoaster unless you get yourself a Fast Lane Pass to bypass the long lineups. A visit to Toronto’s largest theme park isn’t complete without a funnel cake, swirled dough with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Yummy! Thankfully I wore this loose silk tee with the distressed denim shorts to pack on all the typical carnival goodies. Be sure to check out the live entertainment Cirque Ambiente at the Wonderland Theatre for an incredible showcase of talented performers. I really enjoyed it, kudos to everyone for the great entertainment. Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend so far.

Wilfred Tee | Brandy Melville Denim Shorts | Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag | Steve Madden Sandals

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