Festival Fashion: Rip It Up!

This outfit was my first choice for Digital Dreams but I had a last minute inspiration and decided to change my look. Either way, I loved both outfits. Making ripped tees and tanks is relatively simple and many people do this to their old tees. Grab any old or new graphic tee and a pair of scissors to rip the desired part off your tee. Now you don’t need to go to the mall and buy a ripped tee that you could have ripped yourself. Also, DIY ripped tees are unique and innovative, hence you won’t catch someone else wearing the same tee you got on.

Unfortunately, I did not rip this myself… But I know I will get bored with this tee and high-low shorts someday and re-vamp it with a pair of scissors. I will share with you next week with what I did to my old tee. I love revamping my old tees into something new and edgy. These are great for festival fashion.

Forever 21 Metal Tee

Cotton On High Low Shorts

Forever 21 Gold Accessories

H&M Friendship Bracelets

ASOS Espadrilles Cambridge Satchel Bag

Photographed by Vivian Chin

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