H&M long coat (like here) / Club Monaco darelle top / Club Monaco emily pants / Prada saffiano tote

Happy Monday everyone! The holiday break is over and school is back on, for me that is. One thing I miss about working in an office environment is dressing up for the office and the clicking of my high heels. I love dressing up as well as taking my time at it too. It gives me a feeling of achievement and a boost of confidence by looking the part. Do you ever feel that way too? Believe or not, what we wear affects our minds and could have power over others. Our focus is heightened with professional attire versus streetwear or carrying a Chanel bag versus a Michael Kors bag. It’s evident when we are given better service or treatment if we dress well or sporting the latest trend. Maybe that’s why they call it a power suit. A power suit for me begins with a really good pair of heels, then a classic black blazer. What’s your power suit?

Don’t dress for your role today, dress for your role tomorrow.

Photos by Brian Ngo

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