Get Cozy For Fall

Ya’ll probably wondering where or how do I take my product shoots for my Instagram. It’s real simple. It’s all inside your very own home sweet home. Find and play around with the items you already own at home, even the simplest things look chic. Think artistically. Choose items that reflects your own personal style. Don’t imitate other product shoots, instead, use them as inspiration and see how they place their items. Remember.. your followers follow you because they dig your style.

How to put it together: If you’re a personal style blogger like myself, I love to incorporate plants and flowers alongside my accessories and outfit laydowns to balance the colours and add accents to the photo. Add current items that your followers could easily find when they see that you’ve posted an item that caught their interests. Nothing is more annoying when finding out that it’s an old item you can no longer get. You could also use food like colourful little macarons, fruit yogurt or a cup of jo. How to shoot it: Place the the items out on the floor, table or any neutral or woody flat surface to take a bird’s eye view shot. White or black and woody surfaces make the best background. Busy looking surfaces could easily lose your viewers’ attention of what the product really is. (Save those pretty textiles for top-view shoe+outfit shots.)

I hope you enjoyed this tidbit of what I normally do with my product shots. If you want more posts like this, let me know in the comments below.

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