Caught myself a Smurf, yay!

Every year, Torontonians of all ages anticipate Canada’s largest fair that takes place in the heart of downtown Toronto at the Exhibition Place. This is also another sign that students and most people don’t look forward to because we all know it as the end to our summer. The event happens every year for 18 days leading up to Labour Day and that’s when students go back to school the following day. This year the event runs from my brother’s birthday, August 16th, to my birthday – September 2nd.

To many people who are extreme foodie adventurers, they can find all sorts of junk food combined with never before toppings and junk food. For instance, the Cronut Burger, a deep fried sugary doughnut filled with meat and cheese topped with maple bacon jam. Unfortunately, the popular Cronut made more than 200 people at the CNE sick this year and was forced to take it off the menu. Alongside with the massed trans-fat item, there were plenty of other culprits from various vendors like deep friend Mars bar, sweet potatoe chips with nutella, taco grilled cheese, and bacon milkshake – all of which I will never lay my hands on. The human body is just not designed to consume all that junk they call food. I am foodie myself but I am not that adventurous when it comes down to those kind of foods.

The Cronut Burger

Sweet Potatoe Fries topped with Nutella

Deep Fried Mars Bar

Besides the crazy food, the fair itself consists of a variety of things to do and see from exhibits, shows, concerts, air show, casino, arts and craft, pavilions, and a very large carnival with rides, games and international foods.

Admission is $16 per adult, $12 for children (5-13 years) & seniors (60+ years), and FREE for children under 4. However you might opt for a family pass (2 adults & 2 kids or 1 adult & 3 kids) for $48.

Have a wonderful last few weeks of summer everyone. Cheers!

Stay Fabulous!

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